Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions You Want To Know

Here are the most common questions and issues that we encountered.

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How do I choose the right service or package?

Some of our customers know exactly what they need and they ask us for that particular service. This is because they may already work with us or they know exactly what they need. If you worry about which service is good for you then we got you covered. We will present to you all the good and the bad points and help you make the right decision. There are certainly differences between the packages or services and it’s our job to help you choose the right one.

What is the work flow? How we will work together?

We read and analyze every email or chat message from you, then we will answer and try to clarify your request. Once it’s done, we will show you all the possibilities available and then agree with the project. We will create the final project brief and present it to you. We send you the invoice and we will start the work as soon as we receive your payment. Do you have multiple requests? We will treat them as separate projects and we will work on each one. We will give you constant updates during the process. Please keep in mind that every type of work we do has its own particularities and all the details will be discussed during initial contact.

If I want product photography or video, how do we proceed?

For any project that involves your product, you must send it to our office so we can do the work. This is the stage where we start doing the work. Prior to this, we have already established the final brief of the project and the payment has been done. This is applicable mostly for product photography and video creation.

What happens if I already have multiple products?

It depends on what kind of “multiple products” you have. There is a huge difference between having a product with some color variation, having a product with some design variation and having 2 products completely different. In most cases, for a product that has multiple color variations, we can think and apply a price discount. If you have 2 different products that need separate attention, we will charge them separately. For more about price discounts please ask us during the initial conversation.

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