Search Engine Marketing

Rank your listing better

Extensive Keyword Research

Amazon is like Google, a search engine but for shopping. The whole thing behind the algorithm is based on keyword indexing and how well you rank on those keywords. Having your ASIN indexed on a keyword means you are visible in Amazon search and people can buy your product. Knowing which keywords perform better and which words are the best for you, puts you on the winners’ list.

We understand how important is to know the right keywords so we developed processes to find and establish the most important keyword from a niche and estimate which ones are right for you.

Know your keywords

Rank on most powerful keywords

Winning the ranking game starts with having the list of most searched keywords on your niche. With the list in front of your eyes, you can make clear decisions regarding the keywords that need to be indexed for your listing, ranking strategies and competitors advantage. When we measure which keyword is better than another, we use different metrics and techniques and we put together a logical and powerful list of the most important short and long tail keywords.

After all, this is all about, winning the ranking game. Stay ahead of your competition and have the bigger picture of the keyword map of your niche.