Listing Analytics

Check your competitors copywriting to find the Keywords you need for your listing. This is a well-known technique by most Amazon sellers when building the launching strategy. Analyzing how your competitors played the keywords game in their listing can be a big opportunity when creating your own listing copywriting.

Find What Works Best For Your Product

Don't Rely On Luck

Knowing what works best for your product will maximize the prospect for you to succeed in this business, let our tool compare what are your competitors doing right and you will have a better view of what you need to do next. Don't rely on chance, act based on the facts and minimize the risks.

Real-time Accurate Data

Fetched Directly From Amazon

Use data collected directly from your competitors to understand how is your product's niche working and what are the correct moves for that market. Never before was this easy to analyze your competitors and understand what is best for your product even before you launch your product.

The Only Tool Of Its Kind

Fresh And Innovative

There are no other tools like this on the market, combined with our other tools it will give you a very educated view about the needs and desires of your potential customers. Make the right decisions right from the start, get in front of your competition with a fresh and innovative view about how Amazon works.