Listing Builder

The next step is to create your listing copy. Writing the listing and having in mind all those important keywords can be an exhausting task. We have made it super easy and intuitive. The Listing Builder interface will assist you to write persuasive copy and use all important keywords without missing any of them.

Optimize Your Listing

Improve Conversion

Knowing Amazon's regulations is very important if you want to create a successful listing. We are up to date with all of Amazon's rules and now is very easy for you to create the best version of your listing using this user-friendly tool, specially created so you don't have to worry about breaking the rules.

Balance Between Keywords And Features

Keep Track Of Used Keywords

It's well known that you have to maintain a good balance between keywords and the actual text in order to make your listing appealing but also get indexed correctly. Import best-selling keywords directly from the Keyword Analytics tool and keep track of used keywords so you can maximize the number of keywords used and expand your horizons.

Start Convert Better

Maximize Profit

Now it's easy to create that perfect listing you always wanted, just fill the dedicated fields with your text and keywords for the title, bullet, and description and just follow the guidelines provided in the tool for improved performance. We will make sure that you don't break Amazon's rules and your listing is optimized for improved conversion.