Review Analytics

Use the Power of Reviews Analytics to research your competitors’ Reviews and create the Perfect Product and Listing! Find new opportunities and spot the most common problems reported by the audience by analyzing word frequency. And all of these in just a few minutes.

Win The Social Proof Game

Enhance Your Business

In this day and age, social proof is a very important component of E-commerce, especially on Amazon. Having a high number of positive reviews can make or break your entire business. Respond to the needs of your future customers by analyzing the market and deliver better products right from the start.

Don't Repeat Your Competitors Mistakes

Launch The Perfect Product

Being able to analyze and identify what is your competition doing good or wrong will give you the upper hand right from the start. Learn from their mistakes and find the real needs of your customers, deliver the best product and enjoy success while leaving your competitors behind.

Analyze Real Reviews

Collected Directly From Amazon

Just insert your competitors ASINs and let the tool do its magic. Don't waste your time manually reading reviews, this tool will automatically show you the most common and used phrases so you can identify with ease what are the right improvements for your product and what are your future customers really looking for.