Saved Opportunities

Save your top researched products for later in-depth analysis. Because business success means also a lot of numbers and realistic forecasts, our Saved Opportunities tool can be your saving net before deciding if a product launch will be profitable or not. You will find all the necessary filters to determine if a product fits your needs or not.

Saved Opportunities is a must have tool for Product Research!

Analyze Your

Top Opportunities

Save your top researched product and analyze them later. This is a perfect match with Market Analytics who provides you an intelligent way to research the market. Saved Opportunities is the next step in your product research journey.

Advanced Stock &

Profit Calculator

Every business has it's own expenses. If you miss one of them, your sales forecasts or even the entire business may be in danger. We've created a smart algorithm that gives you accurate results regarding possible profits and stock forecast

Take Decisions

Based on Numbers

Learn to run your business by the numbers and you will be a step further towards success. Have an accurate overview of launching your next product and decide if the new opportunity will meet your business expectations.