SURL Builder

Create Super URLs to rank your product on the first page. Amazon algorithm knows exactly how their traffic comes. Super URLs will provide you a way to emulate a real buyer searching behavior so you can send and control the traffic to your product listing.

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An Amazon Super URL will help boost your product listings' search rankings, don't let your listing get lost in the void of Amazon's last search pages. Give your product every shot to succeed, don't rely on organic search only, send traffic on the correct keywords and rank faster.

Multiple Super URL Alternatives

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It's hard these days to create functional Super URLs with the old methods. You can now easily create some of the best working Super URLs out there, we are proud to generate links that simulate organic searches better than ever before.

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Don't just pray for miracles, use Amazon Super URLs and get on the first search page fast and simple, include it in your ranking strategies and rank your products on the best selling keywords so you can maximize your profits.