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Keep your brand name safe and secure

Having your brand mark registered is like having a secret weapon you can use against unauthorized hijackers trying to sell or use your products under your brand name and listing.

We make sure there is no conflict between your future registered name and an existing one. We make a detailed research.

As a requirement of your trademark registration, we have to choose a category that describes your product.

We take care of the process of filling and applying for trademark registration on your behalf.

We make sure that every important email from USPTO is correctly handled and understood.

No worry about paying the taxes by yourself. We handle the whole process including tax payment.

Amazon Brand Registry is the next step after you get your trademark approved. Need help? We can assist you.


Give your business more than a name

Have you ever heard about being hijacked? Or even worse, have your listing been hijacked? A lot of Amazon sellers experienced this once they started having success. One of the best ways to avoid being hijacked or to solve this immediately is to have your brand name trademarked. Your brand name becomes officially your business property and no one else can use it in any way.

It is solid proof that you can use for your brand when selling on Amazon.


Start building your business assets

Having your brand name officially registered makes your business a lot more trustworthy in front of your customers and your potential business buyers. The trademark certificates that you own that specific brand name and this makes from it a valuable business asset.

The biggest companies on the world know the importance of an owned name so they take advantage of this feature and secure their assest.
Secure your brand name and make from it a powerful asset.


Get your Brand Registry 2.0 approved

Build your custom storefront directly on and display your products like on a custom website shop. Having the Brand Registry approved gives you a lot of extra options and raise your status among your competitors. You can apply for Amazon Brand Registry only if you have your brand name trademarked.

This is another reason to have your brand name registered. There are a lot of advantages that come when your brand name is secured. Find out by sending us a message.