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MASTER Extension

As the name says, this is our MASTERpiece work.
We’ve made huge efforts to create the most accurate and intelligent

data providing software that will show you the path.

Accurate Ranking Positions, Search Term Report Upload and Analytics, PPC Gaps, Rank Gaps, Search Volume, AMSKR, Estimated Sales are only a few of the things we’ve mixed in, just to provide you with a unique overview of the market.

You will be amazed of what it’s capable of.

Rank Tracker

Knowing the Accurate Rank Position for any keyword at any specific time is paramount for the decisions you take in your business.
You can scan your ranking and check for indexing status as many times as you want and keep track of the effectiveness of your strategies.
If you have software that gives you wrong or late data about this one… you are lost, you are blind.

Market Analytics

Product research made simple & fast!

Searching your next winner product can be impossible in

an overcrowded category or subcategory.

We automatized the whole research process by taking all essential info

from the market so you can filter and process them better.

You will be amazed of what this tool can do!

Saved Opportunities

Save your top researched products for later in-depth analysis.

Because business success means also a lot of numbers and realistic forecasts, our Saved Opportunities tool can be your saving net before deciding if a product launch will be profitable or not.

You will find all the necessary filters to determine if a product fits your needs or not.

Saved Opportunities is a must have tool for Product Research!

Keywords Analytics

Keyword Research is one of the most important steps when you prepare for Launch and Rank your product. It’s critical to know which are the most important keywords and know what to rank. We use official data and other sources to provide the most accurate keywords analytics you will ever see.

Reviews Analytics

Use the Power of Reviews Analytics to research your competitors’ Reviews and create the Perfect Product and Listing! Find new opportunities and spot the most common problems reported by the audience by analyzing word frequency. And all of these in just a few minutes.

Listing Analytics

Check your competitors copywriting to find the Keywords you need for your listing. This is a well-known technique used by most Amazon sellers when building the launching strategy. Analyzing how your competitors played the keywords game in their listing can be a big opportunity when creating your own listing copywriting.

Do this and do it faster than you ever thought possible.

Listing Builder

Listing Builder is the most Powerfull Tool for Copywriting.

The next step is to create your listing copy. Writing the listing and having in mind all those important keywords can be an exhausting task. We have made it super easy and intuitive. The Listing Builder interface will assist you to write persuasive copy and use all important keywords without missing any of them and all that is done in an automated way.

SURL Builder

Create Super URLs to rank your product on the first page. Amazon algorithm knows exactly how their traffic comes. Super URLs will provide you a way to emulate a real buyer searching behavior so you can send and control the traffic to your product listing.

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Find and track your product ranking  using two of our most powerful tools.
*only 1 product added and a maximum of 50 keywords are allowed  in the free version of Rank Tracker


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A lot of your decisions will be based on numbers. After all, this is all about in this business. Ranking, conversion, keywords position, estimated sales, search volume… it’s all about numbers. In order to win this game, you have to learn how these numbers work and how to use them in your advantage. If you have incomplete or inaccurate data you won’t be able to make an accurate decision.

Whether you are product researching or launching a new one we help you do it a lot easier and faster or assist you during the whole process.


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